What We Believe

Christianity is a world-wide faith of people who follow Jesus Christ.

Its millions of members express their beliefs through a wide variety of “denominations” and styles of worship. But they all follow Jesus of Nazareth who was born about 2000 years ago in the region that is now called Israel. Christians believe he is the Son of God.

Jesus started travelling around the region when he was about 30, and attracted a sizeable following with his preaching and miracles. The faith based on his life and teaching is a faith of love, peace, forgiveness and truth.

He took the Old Testament commandments of God, written down by Moses and followed by the Jews then and now, and interpreted them very simply in two basic commandments:



About three years after he started preaching, he was arrested and executed by the Roman authorities who controlled the region at the time. Christians believe that, on the third day, he came back to life and, after spending some time with his followers, went back to join God, his Father.

Those facts hide a lot of detail – and Christians have worked hard to understand their meaning in the 20 centuries since.

Nobody pretends we are perfect. But we believe that God gave us our lives and faith – and we try to respond with our love and worship and service.

We believe in expressing that love through action and Christians have played a central role in confronting injustice through history.

The Church of England website gives some more pointers to what Christians believe, including the text of the Creed, a summary of what we believe.