Bell Ringing

St Petroc’s Church Bells

The chSt Petroc Bell ringersurch has six bells and currently there are ten ringers who ring for Sunday worship from 10.15 a.m. and for weddings and other services as required.  Ringing practice is on Mondays from 2.00 – 3.30 p.m. Visiting ringers are always welcome and should contact the Captain or Secretary to check that ringing is taking place.


Tower Captain:  Barbara Flanagan   01841 532696

Secretary:  Pat Scarborough 01841 521323

Steeple Keeper:        Geoff Spear

Anyone interested in joining our happy and enthusiastic team, either as an experienced ringer or a learner, should contact Barbara.

Bell History

We know that bells were being rung in 1632. A Padstow mariner called Nicholas Watts died on 21 August that year and stipulated in his will that 12 shillings a year was to be paid to St. Petroc’s bellringers to ring a peal on each anniversary of his death. This was done for many years and came to be known as ‘Watts’ Knell’. After a lapse of a few years, the custom was revived in 2015 and will hopefully continue.

We also know that there were five bells in 1716. Records show that in that year there was an ‘article of agreement’ between Christopher Pennington of Lezant and the Churchwardens of Padstow stating that he would maintain the five bells during his lifetime.

We know too that the bells were recast in 1798 and a ‘peal of six new bells’ made by John Rudhall of Gloucester at a cost of £162 11s 1d. The bells were transported to Padstow by sea.

Bell no.5 was re-cast in 1883 and Bell no.3 has been re-cast twice.

The bells were rehung in 1922 by W. Aggett (Chagford) and again in 1952 by Taylors of Loughborough who currently visit us annually to check that all is well with the bells.

Each bell has an inscription, and these are listed below:

Tenor (Bell 6)

 “This peal of six bells was cast in Gloucester John Rudhall 1798”

Bell 5

 “J. Taylor and Co. Loughborough 1883945535_177209175771626_965473324_n

These bells were re-hung 1922 in memory of Sussex Charles Longford who died January 26th 1918, the cost being defrayed by a legacy from his father, Robert Sussex Longford, Church warden 1888 – 1920”

Bell 4

 “Prosperity to the trade of Padstow 1798”

Bell 3

  “Mears and Stainbank Founders London Ad honorem Dei hoc restitum est AD MDCCCXCVI E.F. Nugent Vicario”

Bell 2

 “John Rudhall Gloucester fecit 1798”

Treble (Bell 1)

 “Jn. Rudhall, Glocester fecit 1798”