The Coracle Appeal

10387317_414034332089108_8992617206655477715_nThe Coracle Appeal is a charitable fund for the refurbishment of the buildings and fixtures of Padstow’s Parish Church (St Petroc’s).

The total now stands at £445,200  with £35,500 raised in 2014 


Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help please contact us or write to:

“THE CORACLE APPEAL” The Parish Office,

46 Treverbyn Road, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8DN U.K.



THE NEW HEATING SYSTEM IS COMPLETED : – With two gas boilers, housed in the vestry, all 30 radiators are beautifully hot within three quarters of an hour of striking up the boilers.  The total cost of the work was £32,000

SOUND RE-INFORCEMENT: — We now have a “loop” system to assist the hard of hearing and coupled with this we have a first class sound system to aid our worshippers.   “Kernow Installations” carried out the work at a cost of £5,300. Contact

THE WINDOWS:  A great deal of the lead work in two of the North Aisle windows was replaced although much of the existing glass was saved.  The cost was £2,500 for each window.  This work was carried our by Arthur Bradley of Minster Glass, Boscastle and was completed by Easter 2007. Another job done!12463525_10208655493410640_585221217_n


The valleys, lead-work and associated roof were in desperate need of  major repair.  The work was carried out by Teagues of Bude who have done a first class job for us.  We have re-leaded the valleys and overhauled the gutters and down-pipes.  The cost was £69,000

£11,000 LESS than first thought. Brilliant!!!

RENEW THE LIGHTING: — Our old halogen lighting was stark and very expensive to run. We installed a complete package of up-lighters and spot lights.   We also carried out a complete re-wire of the building.  The lighting is by “Fitzgeralds” of Bodmin  and the electrical installation was carried out by Electrical Services of Newquay.



REDECORATE: – At the same time we have completely re-decorated the building.  Firstly, many, many years of dust and grime was removed from the walls and woodwork.  All roof timbers have been “fed” with linseed oil and the walls painted with permeable “Linen White” finish.  This work was carried out to a very high standard by our main contractor Jago-Spires of St. Austell.  The result is outstanding  – it look s like a new church.  All the windows were professionally cleaned by J. Swigler  – stained glass company.

The total cost of the lighting, re-wire and decoration was £100,000.

PHASE 2  – completed in May 2011  – at a cost of £100,000


We are very proud of the finished job.

Here’s what we’ve done:-DSC_3168_small

i                 Erected a new staircase in the choir vestry which leads to a new ringing room above the choir vestry.  People can now watch the ringers from inside the church.

i                 We have a glazed screen in the tower arch.  Firstly, to help eliminate the blast of cold air coming down from the tower in the winter and secondly, to soundproof the new ringing room.

i                 The choir vestry has been completely re-furbished and a new wooden screen fitted. The colour of the wood and the style  “echo” the new south doors so that there is continuity of style in what we are doing.

i                 The kitchen area has been re-styled in light wood to match the new choir vestry screen.

i                 The slate floor has be re-laid in the whole area.

i                  We have 50 good quality “Rosehill” chairs in the font area – All kindly donated.

PHASE 3  – When funds permit – WE HOPE IN 2015 OR 2016

THE TOWER – Extensive work on stonework and joints AT A COST OF £250,000 +


In 2003 we realised that our beautiful building was in need of urgent repairs if we were going to hand it on to future generations in good condition.

We formed a Restoration Steering Committee and it was decided to launch “The Coracle Appeal”—so named as it is believed that Petroc arrived in Padstow in a coracle (a small boat).

With the expertise of our church surveyor, David Scott, of Scott and Company of Truro, we were soon in a position of knowing how great the task is that we face.  So the Appeal was launched for £500,000 BUT with the spiralling costs of the restoration of the tower we have to find an additional £100,000 to complete our task.10986703_414034035422471_625820326343336398_n

Some Questions answered

Who was St. Petroc?

A Saint who came here 1500 years ago to spread the Good News of the Gospel. He built the first church here and our Church is dedicated to him

When was the present church built?

It was built between 1425 and 1450, so now it is more than 550 years old and badly in need of repair.

Why do repairs cost so much?

Because the church is a Grade I Listed Building and all the work must conform to the standards laid down by law.

Why should I care?

Because the Church belongs to everyone in Padstow. It is part of our heritage and civic pride

What can I do to help?

Be as generous as possible so that Padstow Parish Church will be here for future generations.

Thank you


As you have read on this page we have a mammoth task ahead of us and, with your help we are confident that we can restore our beautiful church to its former glory.

You can help in the following ways:


Cheque, or bankers draft

using the blue envelope to enable us to claim the tax through Gift-Aid.

By  Bankers Order

Through Gift-Aid.

In the form of a loan

We will gladly sent details of this scheme

Leave a legacy

to “The Coracle Appeal” to enable us to keep the church in good repair for future generations

Any donations would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help please contact us or write to:

“THE CORACLE APPEAL” The Parish Office, 46 Treverbyn Road, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8DN U.K.


And finally……………………

Because our Church is a Grade I Listed Building (1425—1450), legislation insists that all remedial work must be carried out by skilled and professional craftsmen. This must be done to preserve St. Petroc’s Church not only for us, but for future generations, and the longer it is left untreated the more expensive it will become.

Whether we attend Church services or not, we ALL need our church for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, so we are confident that the work can be achieved—but only with the financial help of ALL the community.

Please help us to repair our church to its former glory


Jan and Bob Gilbey have produced a lovely book entitled “Towers of Strength”  which describes 100 churches and their bells in the Diocese of Truro.

The cost of the book is £5 (Plus 95p P & P. ) and is available from The Parish Office on 01841-533776