Future Teatime Services

 Prayer station and singing

 Visit the children’s prayer station in church

Celebrating Baptism and Candlemas

Nativity Practice

Today’s Teatime Service focussed on prayer during Lent. Children decorated ‘prayer pebbles’ and also join in enthusiastically with their shakers during the singing!

 Friday Fun Night

Every Friday during term time 6.00pm – 7.00pm in the Church rooms . A  time to relax and socialise at the end of the school week. Sessions end with a short time for reflection linked to current Christian themes. Open to all  children, but 5 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The children from Friday Fun Club partake in the annual nativity play and
events in the monthly Teatime Service.




Check out our blog posts for information on what we have been doing.

 JAM Club (Jesus and Me)

*Easter Sunday JAM will return to the Church Rooms*

Every Sunday morning at 11.00am-12.00pm (except the fourth Sunday of the month when there is a child- friendly Teatime Service at 3.45pm)

Please drop them in the church for activities relating to the church calendar for that Sunday.

They will join the service in church for a blessing at the altar rail.

Please collect them from the church at 12pm

Family Teatime Services

The last Sunday of the month at Padstow Church and the second Sunday of the month at Trevone is a family teatime service. Both start at 4pm.

Check out our newsletters on the news page for more information.

Harvest lunch
Everyone enjoyed the shared lunch after the Harvest Festival Service
Harvest Food for Thought
Children of St Petroc’s Church gave the congregation ‘Food for Thought’ during the Harvest festival Service
preparing for Harvest at Friday Fun Club
Children from the Friday Fun Club prepare for Harvest celebrations