Christmas for Children

Look what our children created at Friday Fun Club last week.


The children will be practising the nativity play at 10am on 23rd December in the church.

Come and see them on Christmas Eve at 5pm


Christmas Church Services





The Anglican, Catholic and Methodist communities


“South Camel Christians Together”

We offer you and your families a warm welcome to our Christmas services


ST. PETROC’S PADSTOW (Shared building)


Parish Priests: Canon Chris Malkinson     01841 533776 (Anglican)

                                   Fr. Ciaran McGuinness     01208 72833 (Catholic) 

Friday,  Dec. 16th        6.30 p.m.              Village Nine Lessons and Carols                 St. Saviour’s

Sunday, Dec. 18th        6.00 p.m.              Nine Lessons and Carols                                           St. Petroc’s



5.00 p.m.      NATIVITY PLAY & CHRISTINGLE                     St. Petroc’s

9.30 p.m.              FIRST MASS  OF CHRISTMAS (Anglican)    St. Petroc’s



9.00 a.m.               BLESSING THE CRIB & MASS  (Catholic) St. Petroc’s

9.30 a.m. SUNG EUCHARIST St. Saviour’s

11.00 a.m. FAMILY EUCHARIST (Anglican) St. Petroc’s

——-   METHODIST   ——


Superintendent Minister:  Revd. Peter Smith   01208 814989

CHRISTMAS DAY                10.00 a.m.       CHURCH FELLOWSHIP     St. John’s

——-  ANGLICAN  ——


              Parish Priest: Canon Chris Malkinson     01841 533776  

Sunday, Dec. 18th      11.00 a.m.              Carols & Lessons                                   St. Merryn

Sunday, Dec. 18th        3.00 p.m.              Carols & Lessons                                   St. Issey


CHRISTMAS EVE    5.00 p.m.              Crib Service                                             St. Issey

9.30 p.m.              HOLY COMMUNION                            St. Merryn

11.30 p.m.              MIDNIGHT MASS                              St. Petroc Minor


CHRISTMAS DAY   9.30 a.m.              CHRISTMAS EUCHARIST    St. Issey

11.00 a.m. FAMILY SERVICE St. Merryn

(St. Luke 2)

Mary gave birth to her first born son,

wrapped him in swathing bands

and laid him in a manger

because there was no room for them in the inn.


Coracle Appeal – We’re Off!

On Tuesday afternoon (27th) we had an excellent meeting with the contractors and the architect to dot the i’s and cross the T’s for the restoration of the tower.

We definitely start on Monday October 17th with the arrival of the scaffolding.
It will take approximately 3 weeks to completely shroud the tower in scaffolding and PINK protective sheeting – it will certainly be seen that’s for sure!!!

Work will then begin in earnest so please will you do all you can to avoid using the church car park in the week and as little as possible on Sundays as the contractors will be using up to half of the car park for storage and materials and there will be various clubs using the Church Rooms.

PLEASE can you try to car share during the works or even use the top car park to alleviate parking problems on our car park. PLEASE do not park out on the road if you don’t have a blue badge as you may be pinched.

We will be taking photos of the work as it progresses and putting them on our church website and also having an ongoing display in church. Sincere apologies in advance but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. Thanks for your help and consideration folks. PLEASE BE PATIENT.
Fr. Chris.

THE CORACLE APPEAL-The best news possible

WE’VE MADE IT – We have received the “Permission to start” letter from
Heritage Lottery Fund confirming that we have been awarded £175,000 towards the restoration and repairs to the tower. ALLELUIA!!!!
The original “questimate” some 10 years ago was £125,000 and as time has gone on and the problems looked into more deeply the final figure was a whopping £370,000. It is only through the generosity of YOU – the amazing people of Padstow and beyond; a generous legacy from dear Barry Kinsmen (£120,000) and a donation of from the Catholic community of Padstow (50,000) that we have been able to fund the work putting £200,000 into the pot.
We hope to have the scaffolding up by the end of October and then the whole tower will be shrouded with protective sheeting to allow the contractors to keep working even in the bad weather. We think that the work will be completed around Easter.
We are so very grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for awarding the £175,000 as it means we can press on and get the work done as soon as possible. Everything is in place – contractors, work schedules, scaffolders – all waiting for the “Permission to start” letter. The slight downside is that we will not be allowed to ring the bells or have the clock chiming which is a shame but necessary. We offer our thanks to the bellringers for being so understanding and for their offer to prepare the bells by removing the ropes and ssealing the ringing room to prevent dust ingress into the church.
How many Garden parties, Dog shows, coffee mornings etc., etc., etc., would we have had to had to raise £175,000? Thank you Heritage Lottery Fund and thanks to everyone who does the National Lottery.
We can now do the final job of our 10 year restoration Programme.
Fr. Chris

Easter Services 2016



St. Petroc’s (Anglican); St. Saviour’s Trevone (Anglican)

Canon Chris Malkinson (01841 533776)

St. Petroc’s Parish Church is a “Shared Building” — Anglican & Catholic

St. Petroc’s (Catholic)   Fr. Ciaran McGuinness  (01208 72833)

St. Merryn and St. Issey with St. Petroc Minor (Anglican)

Canon Chris Malkinson (01841 533776)


St. John’s (Methodist)  

Superintendent Minister Revd. Peter Smith (01208 814989)


We wish you  a Happy and Blessèd Easter

and offer a warm welcome

to our worship this Holy Week and Easter


 Padstow  –  Anglican                           11.00 a.m.   Sung Parish Eucharist   –  Blessing of Palms

Padstow  –  Catholic                            Mass of Palm Sunday – SATURDAY, March 19th    

                                                                        5.30 p.m.     Mass   –  With blessing of Palms

 Padstow   –  Methodist                        11.00 a.m.   Holy Communion

 Trevone  –  Anglican              9.30 a.m.     Sung  Eucharist   –    Distribution of Palms

 St. Merryn  –  Anglican 11.00 a.m.   Holy Communion  –  Distribution of Palms

 St. Issey  –  Anglican 9.30 a.m.     Holy Communion –  Distribution of Palms


 Padstow  –  Anglican 7.00 p.m.    Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper & “Watch”  to 9 p.m.

 Padstow  –  Catholic 7.30 p.m.    Mass of the Lord’s Supper

(At the Church of St. Mary & St. Petroc, Bodmin) Followed by Watch  until midnight

 Trevone  –  Anglican 5.30 p.m.     Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper

  GOOD FRIDAY  – MARCH 25th   

 12 noon    Ecumenical Procession of Witness

Starts outside Prideaux Place main entrance

 Padstow  –  Anglican    2.00 p.m.      Solemn Liturgy of the Day

Padstow  –  Catholic    3.00 p.m. Liturgy of the  Passion (At St. Mary’s, Bodmin)

 Trevone  –  Anglican 10.30 a.m.     Solemn Liturgy of the Day


  Padstow  – Catholic    8.00 p.m.  The Solemn Easter Vigil and first Mass of Easter

(At St. Mary’s Bodmin)


“Alleluia, Christ is risen”

 Padstow (Anglican)       8.00 a.m.   Said Eucharist – 1662 P/book 

(Shared building)             11.00 a.m.   Sung Eucharist with Ceremonies

 Padstow (Methodist)           11.00 a.m.    Easter Service 

 Padstow (Catholic)   9.15 a.m.    Easter Day Mass (St. Petroc’s) (Shared building)

Trevone (Anglican)     9.30 a.m.    Sung Eucharist with Ceremonies

 St. Merryn (Anglican) 11.00 a.m.    Holy Communion Followed by Easter Egg Hunt

 St. Issey (Anglican)      9.30 a.m.     Holy Communion

St. Petroc Minor            8.00 a.m.     Easter Day Eucharist




JAM Club raise money for Africa and India

The Children of JAM Club (Jesus and Me – Sunday School) proudly announced to the congregation today that they had raised £96 from their weekly collection. They have used this money to buy a cow for a family in India (via the Good Gift Company) so that an Indian family could have milk every day.  They donated an extra £1 to buy 8 bowls of rice to feed 8 children for a day.

JAM clubIn the past the children have purchased 7 goats and 11 chickens for Oxfam to send to families in Africa on their behalf.