Newsletter – 28 February 2021

Sunday Letter

Benefice of Padstow & Trevone,

St. Merryn, & St Issey with Little Petherick

Collect and Reflection for Sunday February 28th 2021

The Second Sunday of Lent


Almighty God,

you show to those who are in error

the light of your truth,
that they may return to the way of righteousness:
grant to all those

who are admitted into the fellowship of Christ’s religion,
that they may reject those things

that are contrary to their profession,
and follow all such things

as are agreeable to the same;
through our Lord Jesus Christ,

who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever. Amen

Lectionary Readings

First Reading                  Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16

Second Reading            Romans 4:13-25

Gospel                              Mark 8:31-38



Read John 6.25-40

In every culture bread is a staple. Whether it is a flat chapati, a long baguette or a round sourdough loaf, humans have always relied on bread. Our boys go through a huge amount each day- so much so that we have had to invest in a bread-maker to keep up with demand!

For Jesus to say ‘I am the bread of life’ would have been a significant statement. Those listening would have known that he wasn’t offering his forearm for them to eat! Rather he was making a declaration of where he came from and what his purpose is. His real challenge to them was ‘will you accept me and the one who sent me?’

No doubt you will recall the incredible story of Moses seeking God to help feed the Israelites whilst they are in the wilderness. God responds by sending Manna, a daily bread like substance. Jesus was declaring himself as coming from God and being the person in whom they should completely depend on for life.

Jesus offers himself completely to us. He gave it all so that we can have real life and a deep relationship with him. He offers us the same challenge and opportunity; will we take him and be fed by him? This is not to be confused by the picture of the Eucharist (1 Corinthians 11.26), although the imagery is undeniable! Jesus isn’t asking us to nibble on a wafer and be reminded of his sacrifice. Instead, he is asking us whether we will take the bread and consume the whole lot! It is an enormous gesture of generosity from God but it is also a challenge for each of us today as we are surrounded by dainties that distract and entice. If Jesus is the nourishing bread of life, the world around us is offering sugar-rich but un-nourishing cake!

He is offering a deep and intimate relationship; he is offering all of himself to you and me. What does it mean to take Jesus up on his offer? Well, perhaps it means we need do more than nibble what he is offering.

During Lent, why not make a commitment to spend more time with the bread of life and allow his words to nourish you? This will look different for each of us but a great way to allow Jesus to feed you is simply by reading his words in John’s Gospel and speaking with him in prayer. It is significant that Jesus tells his followers to pray ‘give us this day our daily bread’ (Lord’s Prayer). He is offering more than material sustenance; he is offering relationship and eternal life. It is for us to take hold of his offer.

Do join us as we go on this journey through Lent together; a time of ensuring he is King and leading us.

For daily Lent readings and reflections, we are following ‘The Glory of the Cross’ by Tim Chester [ and Amazon,]

We will have a weekly Tuesday evening Lent reflection led by Ian (7pm), please join in.

Every blessing for the week ahead.



Workers in health and social care and emergency services, local GPs, all keyworkers.

Our Benefice with all its communities

Our new Rector – Revd Ian Gulland and his family Schools – teachers, children and parents

Those losing jobs, or facing financial difficulty

Those with mental health problems

Church – worldwide, Diocese and Benefice

World – peace, equality and justice for all

– those affected by Coronavirus                   

Suffering – all who are sick, anxious, lonely

– refugees and all who are homeless

Radio 4   8.10am   Sunday Worship

Online video services: 

            (Video Recordings page)  

Facebook page:

United Benefice of Padstow, St Merryn St Issey

Zoom events this week:

Tuesday Lent Reflections 7.00pm

Wednesday Morning Prayer 9.00am

Wednesday 3rdMarch 6.30pm Taize Service

Sunday Morning Worship 10.00am

Sunday Teatime Service 28thFebruary 4.00pm

Links for all of these are in the weekly email


Keep us, good Lord,

under the shadow of your mercy

in this time of uncertainty and distress.

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful, and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may rejoice in your comfort

knowing that nothing can separate us

from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Let us pray to Almighty God,

who alone makes us dwell in safety …

For all who are affected by coronavirus,

through illness or isolation or anxiety,

that they may find relief and recovery …

Lord, in your mercy

            Hear our prayer        

For those who are guiding our nation at this time, and shaping national policies that they may make wise decisions, and that all people will be considerate of others …

Lord, in your mercy

            Hear our prayer        

For doctors, nurses and medical researchers,

that through their skill and insights

many will be restored to health …

Lord, in your mercy

            Hear our prayer        

For a blessing on our homes and families, and our local communities, that all who need help will be known and cared for …

Lord, in your mercy

            Hear our prayer        

We commend ourselves, and all for whom we pray, to the mercy and protection of God.

Merciful Father,

accept these prayers

for the sake of your Son,

our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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