Letter from Reverend Fiona – 30 May 2020

Letter from Revd Fiona   –   30/04/20

Greetings to you all,

I hope you are well and keeping in good spirits in these strange and difficult times. I’m sure we all miss the fellowship of meeting together each week but I know many of you are keeping some kind of Sunday worship and prayer at home. I’m joining with many of you at the BBC Sunday worship and trying a variety of the online options. All the clergy, and many of you I’m sure, are praying every day for those mentioned on the weekly prayer sheet, and for the world today.

Some of you will have been using Zoom to keep in touch with family and friends, some may have heard of it, some not. I’d never heard of Zoom until this lockdown and then was very quickly expected to be using it to join meetings and to worship. It is really straightforward to join a meeting. Once you are sent an email containing a link you just click on the link at the appropriate time and follow a couple of onscreen prompts before being invited by the ‘host’ into the meeting. Everyone can then see and hear each other.

I’m still learning myself, but I would like to offer midweek Morning Prayer via Zoom. It would allow a few of us at least to meet, albeit virtually, and to worship together. I’m thinking initially of 9.00 on Wednesday mornings. If you would like to join the service please email me. If you are interested but not sure and have questions or concerns please do contact me anyway, by email or phone.

                        giorlaf@outlook.com              01841 532956

On a different topic, you will see on your Sunday Letter that there is now a free ‘Daily Hope’ phone line set up by The Church of England for anyone to use, but aiming to reach people who are not on the internet and don’t receive emails. Please pass this number to anyone you know who might benefit, people who won’t be receiving these weekly emails. Thank you.

I hope to see some of you at a future Zoom service. As ever, I’d be very happy to talk to you about this or any other matter.

Stay safe – God Bless,


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