Coracle Appeal – We’re Off!

On Tuesday afternoon (27th) we had an excellent meeting with the contractors and the architect to dot the i’s and cross the T’s for the restoration of the tower.

We definitely start on Monday October 17th with the arrival of the scaffolding.
It will take approximately 3 weeks to completely shroud the tower in scaffolding and PINK protective sheeting – it will certainly be seen that’s for sure!!!

Work will then begin in earnest so please will you do all you can to avoid using the church car park in the week and as little as possible on Sundays as the contractors will be using up to half of the car park for storage and materials and there will be various clubs using the Church Rooms.

PLEASE can you try to car share during the works or even use the top car park to alleviate parking problems on our car park. PLEASE do not park out on the road if you don’t have a blue badge as you may be pinched.

We will be taking photos of the work as it progresses and putting them on our church website and also having an ongoing display in church. Sincere apologies in advance but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. Thanks for your help and consideration folks. PLEASE BE PATIENT.
Fr. Chris.

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