THE CORACLE APPEAL-The best news possible

WE’VE MADE IT – We have received the “Permission to start” letter from
Heritage Lottery Fund confirming that we have been awarded £175,000 towards the restoration and repairs to the tower. ALLELUIA!!!!
The original “questimate” some 10 years ago was £125,000 and as time has gone on and the problems looked into more deeply the final figure was a whopping £370,000. It is only through the generosity of YOU – the amazing people of Padstow and beyond; a generous legacy from dear Barry Kinsmen (£120,000) and a donation of from the Catholic community of Padstow (50,000) that we have been able to fund the work putting £200,000 into the pot.
We hope to have the scaffolding up by the end of October and then the whole tower will be shrouded with protective sheeting to allow the contractors to keep working even in the bad weather. We think that the work will be completed around Easter.
We are so very grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for awarding the £175,000 as it means we can press on and get the work done as soon as possible. Everything is in place – contractors, work schedules, scaffolders – all waiting for the “Permission to start” letter. The slight downside is that we will not be allowed to ring the bells or have the clock chiming which is a shame but necessary. We offer our thanks to the bellringers for being so understanding and for their offer to prepare the bells by removing the ropes and ssealing the ringing room to prevent dust ingress into the church.
How many Garden parties, Dog shows, coffee mornings etc., etc., etc., would we have had to had to raise £175,000? Thank you Heritage Lottery Fund and thanks to everyone who does the National Lottery.
We can now do the final job of our 10 year restoration Programme.
Fr. Chris

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